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William Etty: The Life And Art

Full title: William Etty: The Life And Art
ISBN: 9780786467754
ISBN 10: 0786467754
Authors: Jr. Robinson Leonard
Publisher: McFarland
Num. pages: 523
Binding: Paperback
Language: en
Published on: 2011

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English painter William Etty (1787-1849) believed women were "God's most glorious work." His determination to present that glorious work in its finest light led to criticism in his day for his choice of nudes as subjects. Today, Etty deserves recognition for his place in the history of English art.

The life and work of William Etty are thoroughly explored and generously illustrated in this biography. Chapters detail his family background and childhood, his home in York, his life in London and at the Royal Academy of Arts, and his struggles to make a living. His studies in Italy and France and his career as a painter are explored as are his work with the York School of Design in his final decade, his place in the fine arts market and his emulators. An appendix examines Etty's relationship with his niece Betsy, his caretaker, housekeeper and assistant."